Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I was reading some magazine the other day and I ran across an article about making your own dishwasher detergent. My first thought was why in the heck would I do that, but then a few days later I was out of tabs and had a sink full of dishes. We run the dishwasher at least once if not twice a day so just skipping a night wasn’t an option. Now most people would probably just wash the dishes by hand, but anybody that knows me knows that I HATE the feel of dirty food on my hands and for that reason I can’t wash dishes. My husband usually washes anything that has to be done by hand like my cast irons and such. So anywho, I thought back to that article and decided to give it a try. Continue reading “Homemade Dishwasher Detergent”

LILLEbaby Original

For Labor Day weekend, we took the kids on a mini-vacation to Williamsburg, VA. Its about 4 hours from Ft. Bragg and there’s tons of things for families to do. One of the things we took advantage of while there were the free tickets for military families to Busch Gardens. The kids, especially Kate, were super excited because it is a combination of a theme park and zoo. Well on the way there, Ken realized he forgot the stroller. I know, a theme park and no stroller sound like the end of the world. Luckily for me,  I packed my LILLEbaby and we were about to see just how well this thing really holds up. Continue reading “LILLEbaby Original”

Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner

This past week has been incredibly long. Everyone in the house managed to get sick with the exception of Kyle. We all had this cold that got progressively worse as it passed around. Of course I was the last one to have it which meant I had it the worst. So I didn’t quite get to blog the way I wanted to this week. Then a wonderful idea came to me. After everyone’s infection I had to scrub down the house. Continue reading “Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner”

Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

I absolutely HATE packing lunches. I would much prefer if the school provided lunch, but the charter school that Kate attends doesn’t. So every night I have to go in the kitchen and try to figure out what the heck to send to school. I was sending sandwiches everyday, but then Kate told me she was tired of them but she couldn’t tell me what else it was that she wanted. 6 year olds smh. Of course the next logical thing to do was to turn to Pinterest. While searching for lunch ideas, I kept seeing this lunchbox that everyone was using and me being who I am was like hey Kate needs this. Continue reading “Bentgo Kids Lunchbox”

Tricare: Standard vs. Prime

Tricare is the medical insurance given to all dependents of the military. There are two different types (standard and prime) and I always see people asking which is the better of the two. I don’t really think it’s a matter of which is better, but a matter of which best suits your family. So, I’m going to give the ins and outs of both and then explain why I picked the one I did. Continue reading “Tricare: Standard vs. Prime”

Power Air Fryer XL

I LOOOVE fried foods. Chicken, pork chops, spring rolls, even veggies. Too bad I’m trying to lose weight and fried foods are not a part of that diet. I hadn’t fried anything for at least six months and I was having cravings. Then like a gift sent from above, I see a commercial advertising the Power Air Fryer. Continue reading “Power Air Fryer XL”

Family Rank???

Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of post on my spouse groups on Facebook with wives trying to assume their husband’s rank. There was one in particular, where the wife was looking for a babysitter and she had the nerve to ask did the sitter separate the kids  by rank. WTF?!?!? Continue reading “Family Rank???”