Bentgo Kids Lunchbox

I absolutely HATE packing lunches. I would much prefer if the school provided lunch, but the charter school that Kate attends doesn’t. So every night I have to go in the kitchen and try to figure out what the heck to send to school. I was sending sandwiches everyday, but then Kate told me she was tired of them but she couldn’t tell me what else it was that she wanted. 6 year olds smh. Of course the next logical thing to do was to turn to Pinterest. While searching for lunch ideas, I kept seeing this lunchbox that everyone was using and me being who I am was like hey Kate needs this. So I head to Amazon and look it up. Now my first thought when I saw this was who the heck pays $27.99 for a freaking lunch box? But as I read the reviews, I decided maybe it would be worth it. So I ordered it and waited 3 long days for it to arrive lol (Amazon prime has spoiled me and Idk how to act anytime I have to wait longer than 2 days).

Sunday night rolls around and it’s time to make Kate’s lunch. I found some ideas on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try them out. The first idea i had was a homemade lunchable. It was crackers, pepperoni, and cheese and cucumbers, grapes, and fruit snacks. She also had goldfish for a snack and her koolaid drink. Everything fit perfectly and I wish I had taken a picture but I definitely forgot. I love the separation in the compartments. It makes it easy for everything to fit without being all over the place. The way I rationalized the purchase to myself ( and Ken lol) was by thinking of all the ziploc bags I wouldn’t be wasting anymore. Before, she had a bag for her sandwich, one for her goldfish, one for her cucumbers, and one for her grapes. I was just trying to do my part for the environment. It honestly is a great lunchbox. It is leak-proof no matter what you put in it. She had a make your own pizza pitas one day and I even had the sauce in there and it didn’t spill at all. It also keeps the food cold from the time she leaves the house at 6:30 am to lunch at noon. The tray on the inside is removable which makes for easy cleaning so you can just throw it in the dishwasher. One downside is that the clasps are a little hard for her to open sometimes, and she will turn it on its side and forget that once it opens the food will spill. Another thing is if some of the food items go a little above the rim its almost impossible to close or you just end up squishing your food. It’s a pretty nice size and I guess it could be carried by itself, but it doesn’t have any handles so I put it in her actual lunchbox since I have to add her drink and fruit snacks anyway. If the price isn’t an issue, I would definitely recommend the Bentgo Kids and remember you’re saving our planet!

Here’s where I ordered mine:

There is also a Groupon for it now but it’s the same price: