Family Rank???

Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of post on my spouse groups on Facebook with wives trying to assume their husband’s rank. There was one in particular, where the wife was looking for a babysitter and she had the nerve to ask did the sitter separate the kids  by rank. WTF?!?!?  Not long after that, I saw another one where a wife was saying that they needed to have separate schools on post for enlisted and officer kids. Who thinks of these things? Let me make one thing perfectly clear. THE PERSON IN THE MILITARY IS THE ONLY ONE WITH A RANK!!!! You as the spouse don’t have a rank and your kids don’t have a rank. Did you go to basic and AIT? No. Did you drop a packet to become an officer? No. Do you go to work and do PT every morning? No. Then you are not in the military and therefore do not have a rank. If you are new to the MILSO life, please don’t let these women intimidate or bully you. They have no rank. They are civilians just like you.

These are just a few things “WE” do NOT do:

  1. “WE” do not enlist.
  2. “WE” do not deploy.
  3. “WE” do not get promoted/ go to the board.

“WE” do support our soldiers during all of these things. “WE” do PCS. “WE” do have to hold everything together while our soldiers are gone. Yes, being a MILSO is hard. It takes an incredibly strong person to go 9+ months without your spouse while still trying to be their peace and raising the kids. The uprooting of our lives every few years making it almost impossible to have a career or even make friends. “WE” do make sacrifices, but they aren’t the same as our soldiers.’ Please stop disrespecting the things that our soldiers do just so that you can pretend to be better than the next wife. As MILSO’s we all understand that this life can be hard, and that’s all the more reason to support each other instead of tearing each other down by claiming “rank.”