Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

I was reading some magazine the other day and I ran across an article about making your own dishwasher detergent. My first thought was why in the heck would I do that, but then a few days later I was out of tabs and had a sink full of dishes. We run the dishwasher at least once if not twice a day so just skipping a night wasn’t an option. Now most people would probably just wash the dishes by hand, but anybody that knows me knows that I HATE the feel of dirty food on my hands and for that reason I can’t wash dishes. My husband usually washes anything that has to be done by hand like my cast irons and such. So anywho, I thought back to that article and decided to give it a try.

There are only 2 ingredients needed to make this detergent and they’re things that most people have on hand all the time. Dawn dish soap and baking soda. You fill the soap tray with the baking soda and put about 2 drops of Dawn in there and run it the same way you would a normal wash. I was blown away by how clean my dishes got. For not even half the price of my usual dishwasher tabs I had perfectly clean dishes. I’ve tried it every day for the past week just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. I have a tendency to overload the dishes just because I hate having one or two dishes left in the sink and everything was still clean. I also was out of rinse aid and there weren’t even any water spots on my glasses. I did read that you can use vinegar as a rinse aid, but I’ll try and review that at a later date.

I will say that while I read to only use 2 drops, my OCD didn’t allow me to believe that was clean enough so I added about 4. I did this while I was cleaning the rest of the kitchen so that I could watch and make sure it didn’t overflow. The baking soda is absolutely necessary when making this detergent.  I’m not really sure about the science behind it, but the baking soda keeps the suds from completely forming. I’ve opened the dishwasher at different times during the wash cycle and there weren’t really any bubbles. All I know is that I have sparkling clean dishes and no suds all over my floor. I’m not going to say I’ll do this all the time from now on, but it’s definitely nice to know that I have a much cheaper alternative if the need ever arises.